[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 190646] implement in the printing system the feature "print only odd/even pages"

Matthias Heinz m.heinz at gmx.net
Sun May 17 18:53:27 CEST 2009


--- Comment #3 from Matthias Heinz <m heinz gmx net>  2009-05-17 18:53:26 ---
It's not difficult to implement a manual duplex printing option.

First of all, it's possible to check if the printer can do duplex prints or
not. If it can't do this, then you should have the option to for manual duplex

This could be very easily be done with an additional dialog. You check "manual
duplex printing", then click the "print" button. The program itself will now
print first the odd pages, then ask you to put the printed pages back into the
printer and to click the "ok" button. Then it will print the even pages, but in
reverse order.

Now we have the problem here that not all printers work the same way. On some
you might have to change this sequenze. Therefore there has to be an initial
configuration. The first time you do manual duplex printing, you've got to
configure it. The easiest way is just selecting the order and do a test print.
You need at least 2 pages for the test. It should be enough to print the
numbers from 1 to 4 on those pages. After the test print, the numbers should be
in the right order. On the first page the 1 and on its back the 2. And on the
second page the 3 and on the back the 4.
If not, you've got to change the order. It should be easy to find out which
order is necessary, just by the way the numbers are printed. It could be a
wrong order (the 3 is on the first page, the 1 on the second, then you have to
print the even pages first) or the number is upside-down, then you've got to
rotate the page (either when printing or with a ps hook).

Hopefully my description is good enough to get the idea behind it.

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