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Sat Jan 20 00:21:39 CET 2007

Now from home when I (by chance) move the mouse pointer inside "Print System -> KDE Print System"  whole "kde" freezes. (shown with ***)

....Actions ....
Print SYstem -> KDE Print system ***
Run Command
Switch User
Lock Session

During this freeze (Alt-F2 doesnot work or I cannot launch a konsole to kill anything)

I have a gkrellm and it does not show any spike in CPU and GTK applications (firefox, gkrellm) work fine. Only way to recover for me is to shift to "Console" Ctrl-Alt-F1 and kill KDE and relogin.

The workaround is: If I start kprinter from a konsole (commandline) after coming home, kprinter window is a bit frozen (initializing) but then after a few seconds it comes alive. Now change "Print system currenty used -> LPR..."

After this kmenu -> Print System will not freeze entire KDE.

Many thanks,

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