[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 135975] kjobviewer is unbelievable slow

Felix Möller felix at derklecks.de
Thu Jan 18 16:18:59 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From felix derklecks de  2007-01-18 16:18 -------
I had some time again today: 
I am just using the server zivcups1.uni-muenster.de i cannot change the configuation at all.

felix vaio-gr214mp:~> lpstat -h zivcups1.uni-muenster.de -o | wc -l
felix vaio-gr214mp:~> time lpstat -h zivcups1.uni-muenster.de -o  > /dev/null

real    0m5.299s
user    0m0.060s
sys     0m0.032s

My refresh time is set to 30s. But it is still not working.

I cannot limit the number of jobs with kjobviewer as it seems to work printerwise and on the converning server are 50 printers or so ...

I found a reproducable repainting problem: Having kjobviewer open and then opening and closing a dialog like "ipp-report". Does not cause a redraw of the window, it is just white. I have to click on the table and wait for 30 seconds too see the list again.

felix vaio-gr214mp:~> rpm -qf `which kjobviewer`

zivcups1.uni-muenster.de runs with CUPS 1.1.14
locally I have cups-1.2.7-3.3

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