[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 82123] Printing odd/even pages with multiple pages per sheet gets silly results.

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Mon Jan 15 02:00:08 CET 2007

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     "duplex printing on a simplex printer"

We already have a little helper applications (look in the list of the "pre-filters") that does *exactly* do this. And does so for "1 page on each side of a sheet" very well. It is not our fault that you want to stuff several functionalities onto one single stack: like, adding 2-up or 4-up page imposing to this "duplex print on simplex printers" one....

     "the default behavior should be altered"

No default behavior will be altered. Because it can't. The default behevior comes from the externel utilities. It is their defaults, not ours. We don't change externel utilities (even if we are convinced they should) unless we have *someone* *to* *do* *the* *work*. And we haven't. Simple as that.

     "I'd be fine to postpone this change to KDE4, and introduce it along 
      with the other major changes that version will bring."

You're funny. So *you* postpone a change, and *you* introduce it with KDE4? So *you* are going to do the work? Hey, 5 minutes ago you even found an excuse not to sit down and create mockups and paper prototypes... I can't believe you'll do an implementation. (But you'll need a mockup/paper-prototye for that as well, ya know?)

And even if it's not you who does any coding -- unless we have good proposals, nothing will change in any case. No excuses, people!

     "my proposal is *exactly* the same as in the original bug report"

...and you got an *exact*, sane and well working solution to this supposed "silly bug", and you got shown how to do it in *current* KDEPrint. 

So why don't you just stuff this setup into a new "printer instance", save it and be done with it forever? You can then invoke this exact feature by simply selecting the "make-my-printout-like-bug82123-reporter-wants-it" printer (see attachment).

     "Please consider my proposal"

I don't see a proposal. Which is it? When you have one, open a new bug report, and make a "precise" proposal, backed up with mockups/paper-prototyes etc. like I requested above.

     "I once again propose to reopen."

No. This one is closed.

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