[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 82123] Printing odd/even pages with multiple pages per sheet gets silly results.

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Sun Jan 14 16:09:19 CET 2007

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Sander, Brandon,

what you want is just impossible right now with the *automatic* stuff KDEPrint is able to do....

KDEPrint *itself* doesn't do anything to the printfile (and the documentation does make that pretty clear) -- it merely runs external tools, and combines them together. 

And sometimes the results are unexpected (bug of the external tool? - bug in KDEPrint not passing the correct parameters to external tool? - bug in the PostScript file itself? - bug in the user's perception who may not be fully aware ho0w the tools are supposed to function?)...

Anyway... let me make a proposal for printing your stuff, and getting an outcome as you describe in your initial report:

  * Don't set anything in the main print dialog! Leave "All" pages, and "All"
    pageset, don't select any number-up there.
  * In the "Properties" part of the print dialog set up a chain of "pre-
  * That is: locate the "Filters" tab
  * On the Filters tab enable two filters (in that order!): as the first, use
    the "Multiple Pages per Sheet" filter; as the second, the "Page
    Selection/Ordering" filter
  * Make sure the two pre-filters are set up correctly: multiple pages set to
    "2", the page set to "odd".
  * I hope you can discover by your own how to set these things (hint: there is
    an icon with a wrench, and its tooltip says "Configure filter".
  * After you've printed the front pages of the sheet, now repeat the same 
    prodedure with the back pages. (You may want to use one of the "Reverse"
    switches for reverse order of printout in order to avoid the manual sorting
    of your in first pass printed sheets).

So what would you say, is the reason for this bug report? - A bug in one of the external tools KDEPrint uses? - A bug in KDEPrint not passing the correct parameters to the external tool? - A bug in the PostScript file itself? - A bug in the user's imagination or inability to read tooltips+WhatsThis and to discover the tools that are there right underneath his nose?

You are welcome to report more bugs regarding KDEPrint. But please, before you do so, take the time to look through the dialog when activating the little "WhatsThis" questionmark cursor, and click on the different controls to learn what they do and how they are supposed to work.


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