[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 77624] Wish: More advanced image printing capabilities

Dik Takken d.h.j.takken at phys.uu.nl
Sat Jan 13 21:05:03 CET 2007

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> Oh, CUPS can do that already since its beginning (more than 6 years ago). The drawback is, that it currently is using only RGB, not CMYK as input but that I'm not sure of, and need to ask. I only know that the pros all want CMYK and color management... but don't ask me why. Pros are weird...)  :-)

I'm not a pro either.. But if the printer uses CMYK color inks, the printing system needs to convert the image to CMYK. Pro's (and some non-pro's) want to control this conversion process.

> On the image app side, it's just a small provision to add another print button or menu entry that says "Send Printfile As Image" which would then call kprinter in its new fashionable disguise (and make sure they send image, not PostScript. [That would of course not exclude to still offe to print in the traditional way with "Send Printfile As Crappy PostScript Level 1"]. 

Leaving the choice between postscript / image printing to the user does not sound like a good idea. The average user will not understand what the heck "Print as Image" is supposed to do. The average user does not even know what Postscript is. My guess is that every app should decide which 'printing path' to use: Postscript or bitmap image.

> Dik, if you want, you can workout a draft for such a proposal, outlining all the basic ideas and compile a list of people we could jointly send this to. Maybe something good for KDE4 comes from this then...   :-) 

Well, I know *nothing* about KDEPrint, and very little about color management and KDE development. I also do not know any of the developers in the field of printing or image processing software. Maybe it is an idea to invite a bunch of developers (KDEPrint, Krita, DigiKam, GwenView, etc) in an IRC session and exchange ideas. I would be happy to join.

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