[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 59718] [KDE4] kprinters preview doesn't show multiple pages per sheet

Janet bugzilla at kerridis.de
Sat Jan 13 17:16:02 CET 2007

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Kurt Pfeifle wrote in Bug 130832:

> Ghostview does get the file for previewing, but we don't care (yet?) for what the user marked in the preview. (We assume the user does select the pages to be printed in the dialog). [...] But you are right: once users did change their mind and select different pages in the kghostscript preview for printing, we should try to respect that. <

It is not only when the user changes his/her mind. Being able to choose which pages to print in the print preview would be very handy especially when printing websites. I cannot choose which (how much) pages to print in the print dialog before having seen the print preview, because I don't know how much pages the print will create and which of the for me unimportent side content is printed on extra pages so I can skip those. When I print webpages I always have to go into the print preview, leave the print preview, start the print dialog again and choose which pages to print. That's a bit long winded.

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