[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 77624] Wish: More advanced image printing capabilities

Dik Takken d.h.j.takken at phys.uu.nl
Sat Jan 13 13:53:20 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From d.h.j.takken phys uu nl  2007-01-13 13:53 -------
About the question where to put the options for the print job: I guess the possibility to provide bitmap data to KDEPrint will be used mainly by bitmap graphics applications. These applications generally do not care much about things like page size, only DPI matters. Since graphics file formats (at least PNG) can embed DPI information, KDEPrint will have this information also and can provide controls for selecting paper size, orientation positioning the image on the paper, and so on. KDEPrint can even show a small preview directly on the print dialog, like the GIMP has (that would be a very cool feature).

Page-oriented applications (KWord for instance) will probably stick to Postscript and want to have full control over page size, orientation, and so on. So I guess these applications need to provide the job controls themselves and embed them in the print dialog.

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