[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 125226] kpdf+kghostview should not show "Margins" tab in kprinter (see how it is disabled for KWord)

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Fri Jan 12 22:12:02 CET 2007

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                   |remembered, custom 0.00 is  |show "Margins" tab in
                   |used as default border size.|kprinter (see how it is
                   |                            |disabled for KWord)

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are you still having a problem with this issue? Have you tried with KDE 3.5.5?

I must admit, I have not fully understood what your problem is.

For me, setting borders works, and saving the previous settings works as well -- in all applications that are made to support setting borders (examples: text editors like kate and kwrite, Konqueror for HTML files).

Note that the saved borders are stored per printer and per printer instance and hence may be different for each one. 

Also, you *can't* really set a border when you print a PostScript or a PDF file -- these do already have set their borders internally and it is not changeable.

The good news is that you also do *not* need 'to disable "custom borders" for every print' -- just leave them as they are (0, 0, 0, 0). The next application you use that can handle borders will do so just fine.

Aaaaaaahhh... now I understand. kpdf does set upon start its internal "margins" to zero, but mistakenly allows to "Save" these settings. And when this is done, of course it overwrites the ~/.lpoptions settings previously saved by another application.

It should not even be the case that kpdf does show the margin setting tab in the printer dialog at all, since it is impossible to set the margins anyway.

We need to fix that, because it is really confusing. It is indeed a usability bug as well as a functionality one. Thanks for insisting!

kpdf (and kghostview) should do the same as KWord: not show the Margins tab *at* *all* (because in KWord you set the margins in the document itself so there is no need to set them in the print dialog; and in PDFs the margins are fixed).

I'll move this bug to the kpdf maintainers for now (and once they fixed it, they should move it to the kghostview maintainers). We need to find all other KDE applications that are not yet fully fixed in this respect.

So again: are you also having problems with setting margins in Konqueror printing websites? Let me know.


(Moving this bug to kpdf, changing $summary. Previous $summary: "settings for borders are not remembered, custom 0.00 is used as default border size".

kpdf maintainers please note: you do not show the "Image" tab either, correctly so. [The "Image" tab contains settings applicable only for image printing; can be seen when starting kprinter from the commandline]. Also, the "Poster" tab does not work for kpdf -- we've still to investigate whose bug that is.)

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