[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 134665] unable to change ink cartridges from Epson C42UX

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Thu Jan 11 23:34:37 CET 2007

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Sorry, I do not understand.

Are you talking about the ink cartridge that is mounted into the printer? Why is it necessary to reboot into Windows to change that cartrigde in the printer??

Or do you want have a utility to remotely control and check the level of ink left in the cartridge?

You need to have installed a binary named "escputil". AFAIR, SUSE ships this as part of the package "ghostscript-library". If you have it, you should be able to run it from the commandline to check for inks.

Also, if everything is correctly set up by SUSE's packages, KDEPrint should automatically pick up the existence of escputil, and offer it in its menu of the KDE Print Manager.

To start the KDE Print Manager:

 *  [alt]+[f2]
 *  Type "kcmshell printers"
 *  Click on the Epson printer (if you have more than one printer there)
 *  Locate the "Printer" menu in the menu bar, find its "Printer Tools" entry
 *  Start the "EPSON Inkjet" tool


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