[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 134782] [KDE4] Make CUPS printer detection stoppable! Integrate progress indication with main window?

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at wp.pl
Thu Jan 11 14:56:33 CET 2007

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> I'm not exactly sure what you're meaning with "scan
> on demand" in the print dialog, 

Search for new printer.

> but I hope you're not suggesting 
> that on print dialog popup, kdeprint should *not* connect to the
> CUPS server to know available printers, 


Maybe I say in other words -- you want to print, right? You click on "print" item in the menu. And now -- you should access to "close/cancel" button as fast regardless you have 10 printers connected or 0 printers.
Currently there is no such case -- it is immediate action if I have one printer (or more) and very long process if I don't have any printer. And this is just bad.

> because
> it's just doing what the web page has requested: start the print
> process.

If the page requested "start the print job" why the page is not printed? Rhetorical question, the page via JS requested "prepare to print". This and only this. There was no such thing as "hey, just look for any new printer, could you"?


> ------- 'Look at layout of the item -- Print preview is near Print
> (or could be).' --------
> Not sure what exactly you talk about. Konqueror doesn't have it
> (and you mentioned "html" in your first post).

The problem is general -- it concerns all KDE-apps.

> I assume you mean 
> one of these applications which do provide an icon for "Print" and
> a separate icon for "Print preview" in their own main toolbar (like
> KWord)?


> These additional icons are not under KDEPrint's influence, 
> it's a decision of the application developers.

You mean -- layout? Of course. Ok, maybe I stop giving examples of apps and just stop at the statement about the time. There should be no time penalty for user who does not have printer. Period.

> Anyway, let's keep in mind that the problem is solved if you
> disable the CUPS print subsystem plugin by simply choosing a
> different one, right?  :-)

Ok, I believe you :-) However CUPS is standard, isn't it? So the solution should be more elegant, not avoiding.

> No -- "scans the network" is wrong. 

Thank you for explanation.

> 'Ok, I simplify. Have you ever read an article on e-newspaper.'
> --------
> No, sorry. 

Riiiight ;-)))

> May I invite you to directly participate in the development of the
> KDE4print modifications?

Thank you! Well, I would like to help -- the only problems I can see, I don't know anything about automake and such thing (only make), and I don't have KDE4 installed (I wait for stable version).

>  (1) clean up the KDEPrint bugzilla, sift through past bug reports
> and wishlist items (like I do right now). You can start help with
> that on the spot, if you like.
>  (2) create mockups for new UI designs that could serve as a basis
> for discussion + developement.
>  (3) write documentation, help users solve problems on the kdeprint
> mailing list.
>  (4) test new code before it is released, help find bugs and make
> improvements long before the release is due.
> What do you think?

Seems ok, I could do this only in my own pace (not too much spare time). Why I couldn't try? :-)

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