[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 139740] kde fails to print in landscape format

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Wed Jan 10 01:22:18 CET 2007

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various of your assumptions are wrong:

 (a) you do not set an orientation to a PDF when printing. Whatever it looks
     like on screen (as long as it looks good), never set an orientation. It
     will care for itself (or, the printing system will do).

 (b) if you print to file from kpdf, first of all kpdf's internal PostScript
     converter (which is pdftops, based on Xpdf) will create a PostScript. No
     Ghostscript involved here. (Ghostscript is never involved when an
     application creates its [PostScript] print data.

Can you print again to files on Kubuntu and leave orientation at the default "portrait" setting?

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