[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 134782] print dialog redesign: make the printer detection easier for the user

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Tue Jan 9 19:05:56 CET 2007

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 (a)  "auto-detecting printers" on demand is exactly what opening the print
      dialog does. I think it is a sane assumption to cope for "Oh, the user
      wants to print -- look, he clicked the print button. What?? No printers
      here? Let's see what the CUPS server does tell us about them..."

 (b) "stoppable detecting" is indeed something we might consider for
     implementing in KDE4

 (c) "detecting progress intergrated with print dialog (not another window)"
     may also be an option (not sure though)

 (d) "if no printer is detected do not show error, because it is no error"
     I don't agree. It *is* an "error", see (a)

"you suggest to disable JS for the entire Konqueror just because printer dialog is too aggresive?"

No, I suggest you do not click on the "Print" button if you do not want to print, and do not accidentally click on JavaScript-ed website links that start your print dialog. And no, the printer dialog is not "too aggressive" if it just opens up and tries to prepare to do its job when it is called (by whoever).

And as for disabling CUPS discovery, if you never print -- here is a very simple solution for you: 

 (*) In the "Print system currently used:" menu simply de-select CUPS
     and select any other system.

No need for a "workaround by adding fake printer".

You'll have to go through the pain of waiting for the printer discovery to finish once more, though. A last time. That I cannot spare you.     :-)

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