[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 55416] Paper size dialog is disabled in koffice apps

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Tue Jan 9 01:44:20 CET 2007

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I agree with this bug report. Setting it to "Confirmed"/NEW.

Michael said: "This behavior is intentional, because if the application 
               defines the page size, there's a reason for it and the user
               shouldn't have the opportunity to change it, to avoid unwanted
               effects. ... This behavior has been decided in agreement with
               the KOffice developers. "

I think the user sometime *does* indeed have reasons to change the page size,
(like the reporter says), and the KOffice developers are out of touch with 
user needs on this point:

 * the document format may be weird/non-standard/custom, but the available
   printer may not support this format

 * the user may want to print an A4 document on an A3 paper (to be able to
   scribble hand-written notes on it)

 * users can't even print on (formally "supported") envelope formats (which
   are supported by most HP LaserJets f.e.)

Also, the "special" PDF printer should support whatever custom page size the original document is designed for... but currently the kprinter dialog enforces the default A4 for me (Even though I have a few custom 17x17 cm documents to use here, I can only convert to PDF with a special CUPS backend that I wrote for myself).

[There may be an additional bug stacking up here: KOffice seems to be unable to send PostScript files with %%BoundingBox values correctly set (they are *always* set to A4 for me when using custom page sizes), and KOffice developers claim this to be a Qt bug -- even in Qt 4.2 (!!). Which is rather ridiculous in a way, I can't believe this...]

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