[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 85259] Font Mismatch Between Source Document and Print Preview / Print Output

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Mon Jan 8 22:20:50 CET 2007

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@ Thomas Kjosmoen (comment 10):

"shows Times New Roman instead of Times"
  Please run "qtconfig". Select the "Fonts" tab. Locate the "Font Substitution" 
  pane. Be aware, that this dialog isn't intuitive at all: the big white space
  does *not* list a complete table of all font substitution pairs. You'll need
  to scroll through the list of fonts in "Select or Enter a family:" and watch
  out for what appears in the "Current Substitutions:" pane. You'll notice that
  once you select "Times New Roman" that it gets substituted by "Times". Check
  if you have multiple substitutions enabled there, like "Nimbus sans serif".

"I tried all settings for embedding, from none, to partial, to full"
  *Where* did you try this? (I'm not aware where you should be able to set such
  different modi.)

A font being incomplete may trigger some Qt code path (I do not understand C++ or Qt, mind you) that does prevent from embedding. 

For a "missing font" it is obviously one natural reaction to substitute it automatically (The alternative would be to throw and error and abort).


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