[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 133965] Give a warning when CUPS is selected but is not running

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Mon Jan 8 03:18:49 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From pfeifle kde org  2007-01-08 03:18 -------
Matt, you're running Debian testing/unstable and installed CUPS freshly (after KDE): so are you sure this isn't a Debian package maintainer glitch (they have something like "dpkg-configure" for package post-install scripts, right?)?

Usually, this isn't a problem at all: when kprinter is started for the first time ever, it scans for CUPS and uses it if it finds it. It also remembers a selection a user has made.

So if you started kprinter without CUPS having been installed, it defaulted to a "Generic LPR" or similar.

It means that this will stay this way if you install CUPS afterwards, unless the Debian package maintainer's postinstall script says "Rrrrright -- the user installed CUPS, I think he also wants to *use* CUPS now, even though before my presence he preferred LPRng. I'll just override his previous choice.".

Good luck convincing the Debian packager...  :-)

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