[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 150428] default system print settings not available to Kate, KWrite, Kedit

fred heep at sfu.ca
Tue Dec 18 20:03:35 CET 2007

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks much for your comments - this was helpful in tracking the problem.

The scoop is that Kubuntu desktop was installed overtop of Ubuntu 
Feisty.  Using the K-Menu, I selected System->Printing to install and 
configure the LJ4050.  From your comments, it now appears that this K-Menu 
item only affects the Gnome apps which appeared to work OK.  So, I tried 
K-Menu->System Settings->Printers.  The LJ4050 was on the list of available 
printers in the Printers-System Settings window.

OK - herein lies the point of confusion.  In the Printers-System Settings 
window, by left-clicking Laserjet-4050 from the available printer list, the 
lower half of the window shows the tabs "Information, Jobs, Properties, 
Instances".  When selecting "Properties" tab, one can't see any of the 
printer's default settings, such as paper type, tray, duplex, & so on.  I 
assumed (falsely) that these were picked up from the settings I had 
configured from K-Menu->System->Printing.  Now that I've poked around on 
this further, by right-clicking the desired printer from the available list 
in the Printers-System Settings window, this allows access to the config 
details I needed.  Once these were changed here, the other KDE apps appear 
to pick-up these settings.

Is there a reason why these config details can't be viewed/altered from the 
"Properties" tab in the lower half of the Printers-System Settings 
window?  Also, as it appears the K printing system is collecting some of 
the definitions from a Gnome configured printer, why can't KDE pick up all 
Gnome default printer settings as well?  Having poorly defined/labelled 
menu items and multiple GUI paths of configuration is quite confusing & 



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