[Kde-pim] Akonadi Question about XGD_BASE_DIR

Sascha Manns samannsml at directbox.com
Thu Nov 27 13:10:02 GMT 2008


i`m using the Packages from openSUSE. And if i start my KDE Session, 
akonadi checks itself. 
echo $XDG_DATA_DIR says "/usr/share:/etc/opt3/share:/opt/kde3/share". 
The Agents lays in /usr/share/akonadi/agents/*.desktop . 
But the selfcheck says: "No agents found". 

Must i add "/usr/bin" to the $XDG_DATA_DIRS? Or have i an other Error?

Sincereley yours

Sascha Manns
Open-News-Network e.V.
Web: http://saschamanns.gulli.to

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