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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Nov 30 18:51:19 GMT 2008

On Sunday 30 November 2008, Thomas McGuire wrote:
> On Sunday 30 November 2008 14:18:38 tic wrote:
> > a few days ago I volunteered for rewriting/reviewing the KMail
> > handbook by entering my name in
> > https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Documentation/KDE4#KMail.
> > Before I did so I informed Paul Allen about this venture and he
> > probably was so happy that somebody applied for that job at all
> > that he even forgot to ask me if I was actually up to the task :-)
> >
> > Though that remains to be seen I'd still like to introduce myself
> > so that you firstly, can estimate who you are dealing with and
> > secondly, can start figuring how to actually deal with me ;-)
> >
> > My name is Manfred Mislik and I am a, more or less, faithful KDE
> > user since the late nineties (I started with the beta release that
> > should become KDE 1.0 I believe) on a distro that was called DLD
> > (Deutsche Linux Distribution) and eventually was swallowed by
> > RedHat.
> >
> > I am not a hacker, mostly because I don't really like to program
> > with such finicking, fussy systems that even complain when there's
> > a period or a comma missing somewhere and that can't actually
> > figure anything out by themselves :-) Still, I know my way around
> > with bash, perl, php and even c++ but only so far that I *can*
> > understand what I'm seeing. For programming as such I'm just too
> > impatient. Sorry.
> >
> > Because I've been working with GNU/Linux generally and KDE
> > specifically for such a long time, I wondered how I could give
> > something back to the community. Programming itself was ruled out
> > pretty soon, but to help writing the documentation is something I
> > feel like I can be comfortable with.
> Welcome! It is great news that somebody wants to update the KMail
> handbook, it wasn't updated since 2004 or so, and is quite outdated.
> I'm happy that there are people like you who don't program but
> contribute in other ways, because we programmers don't like writing
> documentation much :)

I fully agree with Thomas. Welcome, Manfred!

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