[Kde-pim] address book copy does not copy

thorsten at staerk.de thorsten at staerk.de
Sat Nov 22 18:05:31 GMT 2008

> I have noticed that one cannot copy text from Kaddressbook via Ctrl-C
> or the Main Menu. I went to file a bug but found this:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=81101
> Is that resolution final? The developer mentions that one should not
> be able to copy information from a contact because "the concept of an
> address book is to deal with contacts, not text, so copy, cut, paste
> refers to contacts as well, not to the text." That sounds incorrect to
> me, as in Okular one can select text and copy it without copying the
> entire PDF, in Kmail one can copy text without copying the entire
> message, in Konqueror one can copy text without copying the entire
> webpage, and so forth.
If you provide a patch, I cannot imagine Tobias will refuse it. But better
ask him directly.


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