[Kde-pim] user css controlled mail appereance... reload.

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Sun Nov 9 20:22:22 GMT 2008

i brought up this suggestion around 1 1/2 years ago, then some nasty things 
happened and i withdraw and kept the patch just for myself since then.

I however kept it rather simple to avoid running into failing svn merges, so
it's made up quite close around my needs (i.e. reads and adds a css from a 
hardcoded path. i'd rather offer a combobox managing various styles. only 
changed libkdepim/csshelper.*)

Attached is a Screenshot. (just "fancy" header + some css)

So if you're still interested, i'd extend the patch (user interface; and i'd 
like to change the used html code a bit - imho we could include the header 
html (inside div.header) from an external file if present - allowing easy 
reordering of items - and implement the currrently available headers as 
hardcoded special case (and fallback) on the general approach. at least the 
table lable should be replaced)


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