[Kde-pim] A new class of "Personal Information Manager"

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 09:22:41 GMT 2008

2008/11/29 Janne Ojaniemi <janne.ojaniemi at gmail.com>:
>> "Personal Information" could be a wide net, and could include almost
> anything. My browser bookmarks are personal information, no? In the
>> context of the acronym PIM, "Personal Information" usually means
>> contacts, calendar, and todo list.
> Do you have s suggestion for a better list to discuss this?

I would have thought a list for software that is closer to what you
are looking to design, such as Basket or Zim. But the other posters
seem to disagree with me and feel that your post is on topic here, so
you are in fact in the right place! I apologize for suggesting

>> Right. It does [mostly] what you want from a UI perspective, but it is
>> not KDE related. This is why I suggested that you ask on the Zim list.
>> You did not state that you are only looking for KDE solutions. In
>> fact, most of the example software that you listed was not KDE
>> software.
> The apps I listed were mentioned to give you an idea what I'm looking for.
> What desktop/OS those example-apps run on is irrelevant. And of course I'm
> looking for a KDE-solution, since I posted this on a KDE-mailinglist ;).

Well, like you mentioned Basket would have been the closest to what
you want. I would suggest that you make a detailed list of
_specific_features_ that you would like to see added to Basket and we
can help develop those ideas into informative bug reports to request
those features. If you are of the opinion that a new application is
needed, then I suppose that a bug against kdelibs would be the closest
that we would get but it would probably be a long time (1/x as x->0)
until a dev picks up the project.

Dotan Cohen


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