[Kde-pim] A "personal assistant" in Kmail (and elsewhere)?

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at kde.org
Sat Nov 29 02:54:05 GMT 2008

On Friday 28 November 2008 20:59:09 Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> Has anyone here tried out this service:
> http://www.iwantsandy.com/
> It's like a personal assistant in your inbox. Basically, you email "Sandy"
> stuff like "remind me to buy some milk at the end of the day", and she
> would then remind you of those things. This is a web-service, but I don't
> see why something like this couldn't be built into Kontact as well.

I tried this service and got annoyed very quickly. It's not clever enough to 
make sense of spontaneous emails and if you adapt to the formal requirements 
of the parser it doesn't provide much benefit over using a dedicated app with 
more restricted UI.

Of course parsing free text is difficult, so it's understandable that this 
doesn't end in very good result. This is not implemented in a weekend. So 
while I wouldn't rely on such a service or way of handling data, I would love 
to see some research results focusing on this kind of problem.

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