[Kde-pim] KMail: different types for serial numbers

Thomas McGuire mcguire at kde.org
Wed Nov 19 19:26:15 GMT 2008


today I noticed that the serial numbers in KMail have different types all over 
the place. In the index, they are stored as quint32, and in many other places 
as unsigned long. Sometimes even signed long. 
My guess is that this causes problems on 64 bit system, where those types are 
not the same. For example, I think bug 174866 and bug 149715 might be effects 
of this. The interesting thing about bug 149715 is that I could only reproduce 
this on the laptops I had during the meetings, which were 64 bit, but never on 
my home PC. The assert which is triggered in bug 174866 is acutally the one I 
added for the fix of bug 149715.

I would really like to find out where the root cause of the bug is. I would 
expect that quint32<->ulong conversion doesn't do much harm because we don't 
reach 2^32 anyway, but maybe I'm wrong and it *does* go wrong at some obscure 

So where does this all go wrong? Is anyone with 64 bits seeing this problem 
and can track it down?

What should we do about the type mismatch? Ignore? Convert all to quint32?

What do you think of this issues?

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