[Kde-pim] KMail Usability Issues

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sun Nov 16 14:50:47 GMT 2008


It seems I have told on IRC something that was being discussed in this list.

> "Mark thread as important" marks all messages that are currently in the
> thread as important. It does not mark the thread itself as important. 

Well, this is in the best case surprising. I read "mark thread as important" 
as "mark thread as important" not as "mark all current messages in thread as 
important". Well, I'd expect the second if the menu entry would have been 
"mark all current messages in this thread as important", but it doesn't.

I really consider comparing "mark thread as read" and "mark thread as 
important" are different things.

Imagine a folder in real life with subfolders in it. "Mark thread as read" 
would be like "i have read all this", while "mark thread as important" is to 
post a stick to it, so all incoming new messages in there should be important 
in the sense that they are in the thread marked as important.

Obviously from my POV "mark thread as read" is different in the sense that 
when I right click on my inbox: "mark all messages as read", the new incoming 
messages are _obviously_ not marked as read. So for me, there is no point on 
comparing "mark thread as read" and "mark thread as important".

However if this use case is so problematic I'd go for the "Mark thread" menu 
fully removal, letting only "Mark Message".  I, as a user, would mark the 
"root" message of the thread as important so when I sort by important for 
instance, I get the whole thread  if the root message was marked as important 
(not as before, that you get only the messages marked as important).

Rafael Fernández López.
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