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Thomas McGuire mcguire at kde.org
Sat Nov 22 19:22:23 GMT 2008

Hi Sven,

On Friday 21 November 2008 23:20:56 Sven Burmeister wrote:
> I know KDE is in string freeze, but for the next release I would like to
> add some tooltips, as this seems to be a job I can do whenever I have some
> time left.
> I am no native speaker though, so if you think that the quality will be too
> bad and cause more harm than good, I would not take it personally.
> This is my first attempt to check whether I am on the right track. The HIG
> only states that the tooltip should not be larger than 25 words.

Thanks for your effort, KMail really needs tooltips and what's this help.
As you said, this needs to wait until after 4.2.0, please post again then.

Some nitpicks I found:

- Some of the strings contain a lot of HTML junk. I think we have a script 
somehwere that cleans this up, maybe this is included in fixuifiles from 

- "Enable this, if you...": There should be no comma here, or at least be 
consistent with the rest (you have the same string without comma as well).

- Please capitalize KMail (not kmail)

- "Enable this if you want to check this account when clicking on "Check mail" 
in kmail's toolbar.": The action can also be activated from the menu and from 
shortcuts, no only from the toolbar. And for "Check Mail": Instead of adding 
quotes here, you should use semantic markup, see 

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