[Kde-pim] new list views

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at kde.org
Sun Nov 9 20:33:38 GMT 2008

Actually I wanted to raise the issue of wasted UI. It feels like this new user 
interface is taking too much space. If looks very different from KDE4 
applications (gwenview, dolphin, konqueror) which manage to do more with less 

On Sunday 09 November 2008 22:18:57 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all...
> first, congrats on the new model/view header stuff. it's great to see UI
> progress in the PIMster's world.
> the new views are insanely powerful, and hopefully just the first steps
> towards even more coolness (new ways to display threads, anyone? how about
> something web-forumy / gmaillike? =) ...
> anyways... after using it for a couple days, i thought i'd share some
> feedback here on things that don't particularly work too well yet imo. feel
> free to ignore it / hate it / love it / whatever ;)
> * the first entry in the folders context menu is now Find Messages; it used
> to be Mark All Messages Read. was this intentional? personally, i use the
> Mark All feature a  lot more than search, for which there is a handy button
> in the list view anyways
> * also in the Folder context menu there is Assign Shortcut; any reason this
> isn't in the Properties dialog? as it is, there is now an odd ordering at
> the bottom of the menu: Compact, Assign Shortcut, Expire, Properties. put
> another way, it's Manage, Configure, Manage, Configure. putting the
> shortcut into the properties would fix this nicely.
> * right clicking on a folder in the folders list still causes the folder to
> open up; that's always been an annoyance. is it fixable with the new
> system?
> * entering folders doesn't always put the focus on the next new/unread
> message. known issue?
> * deleting a mail with the fancy folder listings doesn't select the next
> message down, but the next message up. this makes going through mail in a
> folder rather annoying as it used to be: "read, delete, read, delete" and
> now it's "read, delete, move to next message, read, delete, move to next
> message". known issue?
> obviously these are all fairly nitpicky things compared to the immense
> amount of work that has gone into this up to now, so please don't take this
> as too discouraging. =) i'm not sure i personally have time to look at any
> of the above in the code, either, so don't assume patches would be
> forthcoming from me ... but then again you never know either.

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