[Kde-perl] OT: Problems when dealing with perl threads....

Ashley Winters jahqueel at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 05:59:20 CET 2005

It looks like everything is getting double-freed. Try exiting the
threads with POSIX::_exit(). That'll prevent all cleanup code from
being run.

The consequences of doing that may be dire (massive memory-leak, among
others), but I'm curious about the results for you.

PerlQt is highly allergic to ithreads. The code assumes there is a 1:1
relationship between Qt objects and Perl objects, and when ithreads
clones the interpreter, hell breaks loose.

Ashley Winters

--- Gary Greene <greeneg at phoenuxos.com> wrote:

> Not precisely a perlqt issue, but perl related. I'm trying to move
> the 
> system( rpm ) calls into threads and am having trouble getting it to
> not 
> SigSegv. The code is attached and the output from the terminal is
> also 
> attached.

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