[Kde-perl] Success: PerlQt with Qt/Windows

Gerald Kuehne Gerald.Kuehne at gmx.de
Wed Jun 23 08:54:53 CEST 2004


>>item 7. : removed 'libsmokeqt.lib' from the @all_libraries@ entry
> Hmm.... and it still linked? Was libsmokeqt referenced somewhere else? 
> Could you check the Makefile?  When I take it out, I get linking errors
> refering to qt_Smoke. 

For me, it works both ways. However, if I leave 'libsmokeqt.lib' in, 
I'll get the following line in the Makefile:

EXTRALIBS = C:\PerlQt-3.008\smoke\qt\libsmokeqt.lib 

i.e., the lib entry is duplicated. Anyway, it compiles both ways.

>>item 12.: the patching procedure failed
> You can use the --ignore-whitespace
> command to patch and it will accept it.  

Oh, thanks - now it works. However, in order to use puic in an ordinary 
"DOS shell", I had to change one linker flag in the Makefile created by 
qmake. I simply replaced /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS with /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE in 


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