[Kde-perl] pqt-designer and Qt 3.3.2

David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Mon Jul 12 11:53:12 CEST 2004

Hello again

Since there are signs of life on the list <grin> I thought I'd try again 
and see if I could get some pointers...

I've still had no luck getting pqt-designer working on my system.

Does anyone know if it will work against 3.3.2?

The plugin loads against the standard designer (checking the Debian 
source it seems the patches were applied) aswell as a custom built one.
The problem is a segfault when the editor is called a second time for 
either std or custom.

Problem as described in an earlier mail:
Minimal test case:
* Start pqt-designer
* select perl project from new dialogue
* accept defaults
* select menu File->new
* select dialog
* Project Overview: click unnamed1.ui.pm (editor appears)
* Project Overview: click Form1:unamed1.ui
* Project Overview: click unnamed1.ui.pm (Segmentation fault)

Qt is 3.2.3
Perl is 5.8.4
libqt-perl 3.008-1


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