Future of KNM/PNM with NM 0.9

Lamarque Vieira Souza lamarque at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 00:40:25 CEST 2011

Em Friday 29 April 2011, Raymond Wooninck escreveu:
> Will, Sebas, Lamarque,

> I indicated yesterday to Vincent Untz that he could push NM 0.9 into
> Factory and that we would apply the patches from Dan Williams.
> It seems however that a different direction has been chosen for the current
> KDE trunk (KDE:Unstable:SC). As soon as I update this repo to the current
> version, then kdebase-workspace will no longer build the Solid support for
> Network Management. This literally means that the
> plasmoid-networkmanagement no longer will show any network devices.

	The current Solid::Control::Network* classes from kde-workspace does not 
compile against NM-0.9, so I changed the cmake config file to do not try to 
compile against NM-0.9. You can compile them against NM-0.8 and use it with 
NM-0.9, but several things are not going to work and I have heard that users 
keep getting bogus notifications from 
Solid::Control::NetworkManager::notifier() when you do that.
> In practice this would mean that users are forced to start using the
> NM-applet if they want to run KDE:Unstable:SC together with Factory.
> As that  there is absolutely no indication yet when KNM/PNM will support NM
> 0.9, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to create the option that if
> kdebase-workspace detects NM0.9 to activate the patch from Dan Williams to
> have at least some support. I know that it wasn't optimal, but it was
> definitely way better than nothing.

	Which patch is that? Is it a patch against NM or KDE's Solid?
> I would like to know which way we are really going as that I have to
> prepare KDE:Unstable:SC also for NM0.9 and it would be very funny to start
> putting in dependencies to de-install PNM and install
> NetworkManager-gnome. However at the moment, this seems to be the
> direction we are going.

	I, for one, am not working on NM-0.9 support for now. I created a new 
branch for networkmanagement (Plasma NM) in 
git://anongit.kde.org/networkmanagement/nm09 for anyone wanting to work on 
NM-0.9 support. I usually just cherry-pick commits from master branch and fix 
the conflicts that arises to keep the code compiling. I have never added 
NM-0.9 specific features nor have ever tested the code. The code in there 
works only with NM-0.9 and when compiled against the NM-0.8 Solid's backend, 
weird, I know.

	I have a lot of other things to work on NM-0.8 support and I am starting 
a 3-months paid job next week so I am going to spend little time with KDE 
during that period. I really like to work on KDE and Plasma NM in special, but 
I am unemployed since last year so I need that job.

	The current situation is like this: someone must create a new backend 
directory git://anongit.kde.org/kde-workspace/solid/networkmanager-0.9 and 
update it to work with NM-0.9. One big problem is that the interface classes 
in git://anongit.kde.org/kde-workspace/libs/solid/control/*/* does not 
completely fit with the new NM-0.9 specification. So we could:

	1. Create the NM-0.9 backend in networkmanagement (Plasma NM) repository 
instead of kde-workspace. We would have to creat a new namespace different 
from Solid::Control to do not clash with the old backends for NetworkManager 
and ModemManager.

	2. Create the NM-0.9 backend in kde-workspace repository and just drop 
support for what do not fit. I guess that would keep the NM-0.9 backend on par 
with the NM-0.8 backend in reggarding NM-0.9 support. This would means we 
would have to add changes to the backend during KDE's feature freeze and maybe 
during KDE SC 4.7.x life cycle. KDE rarely do that.

	I prefer option #1. Anyway, that is a big task and I really do not have 
time for it now and I am going to have even less free time in the next months. 
I really need help, a lot of help.

Lamarque V. Souza
Linux User #57137 - http://counter.li.org/
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