knetworkmanager as user

Thorsten Kolb thorsten_kolb at
Mon Jan 15 19:16:40 CET 2007

Hi there,

I am using NetworkManager-0.6.4, knetworkmanager-svn from yesterday under 
slackware-11.0 linux-2.6.19 and kde-3.5.5.
I have the following Problem.
Knetworkmanager as works perfectly for me if I am root. If I let it run as 
normal user, I have to type in  the network data (essid, password) manually 
everytime I want to connect. if I just click on my wlan on the wlan-list 
nothing happens, the list window just dissapears. 
I have the same problem with the stock knetworkmanager-0.1.
Another thing is, that knetworkmanager everytime I quit it crashes.

Can someone of you help me?

regards Thorsten

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