[kdemultimedia] [Bug 368472] PulseAudio streams are moved to KDE's preferred audio device for certain non-KDE apps that try to use a specific device

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Wed Sep 5 11:12:57 BST 2018


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--- Comment #1 from Michael Reiher <redm at gmx.de> ---
This sounds like it could be the cause for a problem we found in our browser
app running in Chromium/Chrome. It allows the user to set the sound devices
(input/output, through Chome/WebRTC API). However the setting doesn't seem to
have any effect when running under KDE. 

I'm not entirely sure how this all plays together and which component in the
end is responsible to reroute the audio stream. But it looks like KDEs
sound-whatever could play a role.

If the user (in an application) explicitly sets a device it should never be
rerouted! This should only happen for a generic default device, if something
like that exists.

So would be great to see this fixed. It screws up audio device selection in 3rd
party applications and lets them look broken. 

And it's hard to figure out for the user what is going on. And even if you
found out, when you plug and unplug devices that configuration seems to be
forgotten and needs to be redone every time.

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