enable MP3 support per default?

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Thu Nov 2 08:21:52 GMT 2017

You should talk to the distribution mailing list really. They have actual
legal teams for these kinds of questions.

On Nov 2, 2017 5:44 AM, "Thomas Eschenbacher" <Thomas.Eschenbacher at gmx.de>

> Hi all,
> I have heared that it is allowed now to include MP3 support in open
> source, as MP3 patents have timed out... is that true?
> I ask because I still have set the default for MP3 support to "disabled"
> in the build system of my application (Kwave), to avoid problems for
> packagers/distributors.
> If it is ok for you, I would like to change the default of MP3 support
> to "enabled" and make MP3 import (through libmad + Kwave plugin)
> available per default - like most users expect.
> Anyone voting against it?
> regards,
>    Thomas
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