Review Request 129256: use cmake variables to check if QtDbus is enabled

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Tue Oct 25 10:58:34 BST 2016

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Review request for Phonon and Harald Sitter.


Submitted with commit 3f10bfe169b6ad2dcde4a1e71ddec69cd0abdecd by Takahiro Hashimoto to branch master.

Bugs: 368948

Repository: phonon


Fixes for BUG#368948

QtCore/qfeatures.h is removed on Qt 5.8 branch for moving toward next-gen configure system[1]
Phonon of cource can uses cmake insted of it to handle whether QtDBus is enabled or not easily.
I think it works on both Qt4 and Qt5, but tested on Qt 5.8 branch only.



  phonon/CMakeLists.txt e6dfcb7 
  phonon/ 63f2305 



I've tested to build Phonon with these patterns as following. All cases is with Qt 5.8 branch. More testing by folks is very welcomed:)

1. Build with default option(Phonon DBus and QtDBus enabled) -> build succeeded with DBus support
2. Build with -DPHONON_NO_DBUS=TRUE cmake option -> build succeeded without DBus support
3. Build with default options / without QtDBus installed -> build succeeded without DBus Support.

I checked the file phonon/phonon/phononconfig_p.h generaged correctly by options.


Takahiro Hashimoto

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