Review Request 129651: [dragon] Inhibit powersave

Anthony Fieroni bvbfan at
Mon Dec 19 06:36:27 GMT 2016

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(Updated Дек. 19, 2016, 8:36 преди обяд)

Review request for KDE Multimedia and Harald Sitter.

Repository: dragon


Since solid power api is not released, i use freedesktop dbus to fit other desktop power managers

Diffs (updated)

  CMakeLists.txt 8f84c85 
  src/app/CMakeLists.txt 303e06e 
  src/app/mainWindow.cpp 01a4545 



*Harald master was not merged (16.04 / 16.08 to master) -> it has fresh bugreports for fixed issues.
Last merge to 16.08
2016-04-18	Merge branch 'Applications/16.04'	Harald Sitter
after that in brach 16.04
2016-04-26	Hide toolbar on multiscreen setup	Anthony Fieroni
2016-04-20	Don't try to resize maximized window	Anthony Fieroni
2016-04-19	MPRIS2 property 'Identity' to match desktop file entry	Anthony Fieroni

Do you want to merge them or you will ship ?


Anthony Fieroni

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