Review Request 127608: really fix include issues, fix FTBFS against qt-5.6.x

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Thu Apr 7 19:20:42 BST 2016

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Review request for Phonon, Daniel Vrátil and Harald Sitter.

Repository: phonon


Previous attempts to fixing include issues ends up throwing away all but the first include dir (and so include dir ordering can make success/failure non-deterministic).  As a bonus, add LINK_LIBRARIES "${Qt5Core_LIBRARIES}" in visibility test (else it always fails due to new symbol versioning feature in qt-5.6).

Sorry, this is technically fixing 2 things at once, so I can split it into separate submissions if you prefer.


  cmake/FindPhononInternal.cmake 9f6ab40 



build succeeds trying to build phonon-qt5 only on rhel7 (previously always fails).


Rex Dieter

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