Hi and plasma music player

Filippo Cucchetto filippocucchetto at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 11:44:58 BST 2015

Hi everyone,
this is my first post on the mailing list. I've read the article
and become interested in the idea of given an hand in the development of a
music player for plasma.

I've quite some experience in both C++, Qt and QML development, since i've
done it for some years and do it for a living. You can check out my FOSS on
github here https://github.com/filcuc

I tried to read the archives of this mainling list but it seems there
aren't so i don't what has been said already about how to proceed in the
development. Right know i was thinking about to analyze the Juk codebase
for seeing if we can extract some of the code for the basic music discovery
and play or if we can port it to KF5 and swap the ui with QML.

Filippo Cucchetto
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