Phonon GStreamer backend patch

Samuel Gaist samuel.gaist at
Mon Aug 31 10:12:15 BST 2015

On 31 août 2015, at 10:59, Harald Sitter <sitter at> wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Samuel Gaist <samuel.gaist at> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I would like to submit a patch for the Phonon GStreamer backend. However it seems that the repository is not configured for reviewboard nor phabricator.
>> In this case, what would be right thing to do ?
> One adds one ;) [1]
> FWIW, alternatively you can also define all information as arguments
> for rbt post or simply pull a diff and manually upload to reviewboard.
> It is pretty dynamic in that regard.
> [1]
> HS

Thank you very much !

Out of curiosity, shouldn't Phabricator be used for new code reviews ?


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