Help wanted to evolve KDEs music players

Stefan Derkits stefan at
Sat Aug 29 19:24:09 BST 2015


On 2015-08-25 20:03, Pinak Ahuja wrote:
> So, what's up with this? Anyone working on something? I'm planning to start
> work on a simple player based on the VDG's design using
> for audio playback. The player will not
> support any online accounts, will only be for local music playback. IMO if
> a user needs online accounts they have other players to choose from
> (tomahawk). KDE should at least have a  basic player with a nice
> "plasmaish" UI.

no not much happened in the last weeks I think.

But I see some (possible) "initiatives":
-) Amarok KF5 port is going forward, but no idea if afterwards a new and
more modern UI can be implemented without much refactoring
-) the idea of adding a Plasma UI to VLC (no idea how much different
that is from your idea, but the more we can reuse the better)

Hurray for going forward with having a music player, but I think only
accounts are very important. But they can be added later.


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