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Sun Aug 9 12:17:32 BST 2015


On 2015-08-08 19:15, Andrew Lake wrote:
> 1. Do we try to support the big popular online services? Access and
> playback through our UI (which probably means api access) or just provide
> an Online Music Bookmarks style feature that opens the online services in
> an embedded webpage for these online services?

I think without support for those online services the music player will
be (nearly) irrelevant when it is finished.

> 2. Do we focus on free/open standard style services? Might provide some
> kind of principled approach to online streaming. Downside is the perfect
> being the enemy of the good.

Focus on the big ones that our users will probably use, no matter if
they adhere to free/open standards.

> 3. Internet radio style streaming or online music library streaming? I
> think we have open standards for the latter, not so much the former.

Streaming is mostly only opening either a playlists or a stream link
(sometimes http, sometimes mms or some other protocol). I don't know of
an open standard "music library streaming" solution ...

> Any other fundamental ideas for what this music player should or should not
> be?

-) Music only or a Media Player (also video)? (me: not sure about this)
-) Design with mobile in mind? (me: yes, definitly)
-) What functionality can the Plasma Desktop offer users that they don't
get in other players (me: maybe activity integration & baloo for finding
media, both don't seem like 100% needed use cases)


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