Evolving Music Players - Thread splitting

Stefan Derkits stefan at derkits.at
Wed Aug 5 10:00:46 BST 2015


wow this is already a long discussion, but with many many usefull
points. Atm there are 4 different discussions in one thread.

1) We want a modern, easy-to-use & simple music player. Andrew already
posted a list of people that are interested.

2) Some ideas came up what a music player should/must support.

3) Technical ideas on what to base this player came up.

4) An interesting discussion about legal issues in VLC vs. gstreamer
came up.

2 Points to make this discussion a bit easier:

-) It would be great if the next person to answer to one of those
topics, could change the subject to make it cleare what part of the
discussion they are continuing :)

-) Only use the kde-multimedia mailinglist. I think the amarok &
bangarang mailinglist got the idea on what we want to do and also
kde-devel now got swamped by multimedia discussion, I think it's time to
move to multimedia only.


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