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Tue Aug 4 23:56:26 BST 2015

On 01 Aug, Vishesh Handa wrote :
> > On 2015-08-01 08:47, Ing. Konrad Renner wrote:
> >> the player (no matter if it is Amarok, JuK or a new one) must be integrated well in Plasma (eg usage of baloo for ratings, tags). If I use Plasma, it does not matter for me if it runs standalone on eg Windows.
> >
> > I see a use case for Baloo for finding music files, but probably not for
> > ratings & tags. While Tags (if done correctly, for music files this also
> > includes Ratings [0]) could be read by Baloo via the TaglibExtractor of
> > KFileMetadata, I heard that those attributes can't be written back to
> > Tags by Baloo.
> Correct. And they never will be. Perhaps via KFileMetaData, but at
> that point you're just using a light wrapper on top of TagLib, and you
> may as well use TagLib.

With my limited experience on the matter, I'd advise you against Baloo
for multimedia metadata.

For 2 reasons:
 - You will need to manage streams metadata, from online content, and
   you'll need Taglib parsing anyway, duplicating the code
 - Multimedia metadata is weird, and can be inside files, outside, or
   using some weird unstandardised conventions. I doubt that will fly
   well with Baloo.

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