Two branches for KMix?

Christian Esken christian at
Tue Aug 4 22:41:11 BST 2015

Thanks for your active help, Alexander. Also for your efforts, Albert.

All looks fine I only have one question about the kde-build-metadata.git change. My understanding of this is, that standard source builds will now pick up the new frameworks branch. And this means that packagers and distributions will also likely use it. Did I get that correct?
BTW: I think updating EBN is secondary. I like it and am using it once in a while, but it can be changed later.


> Am 30.07.2015 um 10:24 schrieb Albert Astals Cid <aacid at>:
> El Dijous, 30 de juliol de 2015, a les 01:45:50, Alexander Potashev va escriure:
>> 2015-07-26 20:18 GMT+03:00 Christian Esken <esken at>:
>>> Alexender, you seem to be accustomated to the "frameworks" approach. Can
>>> you tackle the tasks above? Otherwise I fear that the branch you have
>>> created may sit around idle with noone actively using it.
>> Hi Christian,
>> Thanks for your answer!
>> 1. For i18n I'll need your help in updating branch configuration for
>> KMix at, can you please do that?
> I just did it.
>> And then I'll ask
>> Luigi Toscano to copy translations from l10n-kde4 to l10n-kf5.
>> 2. I've just updated kde-build-metadata.git for the build system.
>> 3. Not sure how EBN works and if it even supports multiple branches
>> per project. Do you know who a need to ask?
> dfaure may know, not sure.
>> I'll add these (i18n, CI and EBN) into my todo list.
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