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Sun Aug 2 16:31:51 BST 2015


On Sat, Aug 01, 2015 at 08:47:48AM +0200, Ing. Konrad Renner wrote:
> the player (no matter if it is Amarok, JuK or a new one) must be integrated
> well in Plasma (eg usage of baloo for ratings, tags). If I use Plasma, it
> does not matter for me if it runs standalone on eg Windows.

Thinking a bit about this, and considering that it seems like there so far
hasn't been anyone piping up willing to be a maintainer for a new player like
this, I think it makes more sense to look at an existing player, and see if
we can improve that instead, instead of trying to start something new (and
with "new" I also mean trying to re-boot e. g. amarok or juk).

For example VLC has an extremely modular architecture, everything in VLC is
basically a plugin/module, including the user interfaces (in case everyone
doesn't know, it actually has several different user interfaces already). An
idea I've been toying with is to try to write a QML based UI module for VLC,
and then I think it makes a lot of sense to base it on the sexy mockups from
the VDG. I'm thinking that other kinds of integration functionality
(activity-awareness, for example) should be possible to put in a module for
VLC as well.

If more people are interested in this, maybe we could arrange a small sprint
to get this off the ground (the Videolan organization has already sponsored
at least one tiny KDE Multimedia sprint, and without asking jbk there might
be a chance they'd help out here as well).

As I mentioned elsewhere, I myself sold my soul and just use Spotify 90% of
the time, so I don't really want to or have the time to maintain a full music
player application. But implementing and just maintaining a UI module for e.
g. VLC is something that makes more sense for me.

Another idea might be to collaborate with the Tomahawk people to see if
there's anything we can do there to make it integrate better with Plasma.

So, I guess my point can be summarized as a suggestion to instead of trying
to start something new on our own, rather try to work with someone
established elsewhere (outside of KDE, even).

Martin Sandsmark

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