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Hi all,

On 2/15/14, Mark Kretschmann <kretschmann at> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 9:30 AM, Mark Kretschmann <kretschmann at>
> wrote:
>> Dear Multimedianistas,
>> we are happy to announce that there will be a "Randa Meetings" event
>> in 2014, and it is also planned to have a multimedia track there. If
>> you have already been at a Randa event, you probably don't need any
>> convincing, but just the date: *August 9th - 15th*.
>> For everyone else, you can find some general information about the event
>> here:
>> In short: The Randa event takes place in the absolutely breathtaking
>> scenery of the city of Randa in Switzerland. It is an international
>> convention for KDE contributors coming together to exchange ideas,
>> work on their projects, and also of course have a really good time. At
>> each meeting there will be several interest groups invited, for
>> example there could be a multimedia group, an education group, Plasma
>> people, etc. You can imagine it as a bit of "meta-sprint", hosting
>> several developer sprints at the same place, which often leads to a
>> great results.
>> In my personal opinion Randa is one of the finest developer meetings,
>> something you just shouldn't miss when you are invited. To me it's
>> always like a combination of inspired work and vacation, as there are
>> also always activities planned to explore the surroundings.

As you might know that I've been a contributor to KDE-Multimedia for
quite some time. I also worked on JuK during Season of KDE under the
guidance of Micheal Pyne. Despite the best endeavors of us both it was
not possible to finish the task in SoK. I have been looking for an
opportunity to continue the work for quite some time. Well looks like
here it is. I see this meet as an amazing juncture to meet awesome
people, know more about them, learn from them and contribute. I looked
at the previous randa meets and I'm most definite that I will learn
tons from these superb guys there.

I plan to work on media device synchronisation in JuK. Apart from that
porting JuK away from kde3 libraries sounds interesting. I'm sure that
after randa meet I'll be able figure out the right course for me to
work on it. And who knows I might as well get started on all this
after the next weekend. That reminds me to send the mail
I've been planning to discuss my talk. Anyway I'd be extremely glad to
be a part of the randa meet.

>> More detailed information (booking, etc) will soon be available from
>> our organizer Mario Fux. It would be nice if we could already get a
>> general overview of who would be interested in coming. Please reply to
>> this email thread.
>> Regards, Mark.
> To make a start, myself and Myriam Schweingruber are going to join.
> I've also heard some noises from Harald Sitter that pointed into the
> direction of "yes".
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