[kscd] [Bug 333499] Loop and Random buttons have wrong icons

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Apr 18 13:58:39 BST 2014


Rex Dieter <rdieter at math.unl.edu> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
      Latest Commit|http://commits.kde.org/kscd |http://commits.kde.org/kscd
                   |/357eb85684552c237803ffa9db |/1f2409a6c2a05b8c4d4f3e9e54
                   |037b3918a7a220              |6b8ecd48b5b857

--- Comment #5 from Rex Dieter <rdieter at math.unl.edu> ---
Git commit 1f2409a6c2a05b8c4d4f3e9e546b8ecd48b5b857 by Rex Dieter.
Committed on 18/04/2014 at 12:48.
Pushed by rdieter into branch 'KDE/4.13'.

Swap names of loop/random buttons
Related: bug 234332
FIXED-IN: 4.12.5

M  +6    -6    gui/skin/Chrome.svg
M  +6    -6    gui/skin/Obsidian-Coast.svg
M  +6    -6    gui/skin/Steel.svg
M  +6    -6    gui/skin/default.svg


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