looking for phonon gstreamer maintainer

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Mon Sep 23 15:55:52 BST 2013


since everyone who ever was/is/wanted to be Phonon GStreamer
maintainer is either busy or has no interest in it, the backend has as
of right now no actual maintenance.

If anyone wishes to step up and move the backend forward now is the
time to do it. I'd like to note that this is not a one-man job though
and I am going to continue to be supporting developer.

In the unfortunate case that no one is willing enough we will have to
look at the possibility of moving the backend out of the support
scope, leaving Phonon VLC as the only actively supported backend on
all platforms.

As immediate result I will likely have to demote the backend's initial
preference for the upcoming 4.7.0 release below Phonon VLC's.


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