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Marcos Dione mdione at
Tue Sep 10 18:15:45 BST 2013

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 09:51:36AM +0200, Harald Sitter wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 6:39 PM, Marcos Dione <mdione at> wrote:
> >
> >     I'm not even talking about gapless here. I have a toy audio player.
> > What I want to achieve is simply this: when the current song is about to
> > end, pick another song, add it to the play queue. when the song really
> > finishes, the one just queued should be played automatically. how the
> > song is picked is not important.
> >
> >     I'm using two features for that: MediaObject.aboutToFinish() and
> > MediaObject.enqueue(). the attached script (in python, using pyqt4) is an
> > example of this. the script accepts two files to play using that scheme.
> >
> >     I'm using both phonon-vls and phonon-gstreamer. setting their debug
> > envvars to 1 gave not much more info, but here's the output with VLC:
> >
> > mdione at diablo:~/src/projects/trash & toys$ python /usr/share/sounds/purple/alert.wav /usr/share/sounds/purple/login.wav
> > WARNING: Phonon needs QCoreApplication::applicationName to be set to export audio output names through the DBUS interface
> > [0x1429cc8] main services discovery error: no suitable services discovery module
> > next!
>  Phonon VLC does not support gapless playback. Phonon GStreamer on the
>  other hand does, but only if the sound length is more than a couple of
>  seconds, which considering the file names is likely not the case. So
>  unfortunately this cannot be achieved with Phonon 4.

    ok, so I discard VLC and I will focus on GST. I just tried with longer 
files (2 songs more than 1 minute long each) and it works :) what's strange 
is that I don't get more debug info with export PHONON_GST_DEBUG=5. does 
that still work? Thanks for the heads up.

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