Review Request 112434: Properly detect the location of STL's shared_ptr.

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Review request for KDE Multimedia and Christian Esken.


Properly detect the location of STL's shared_ptr.

std::shared_ptr is a C++11 feature, whose location (and existence) in STL
implementations of previous C++ standards varied -- one widespread example
is GCC's libstdc++, which has a shared_ptr implementation in <tr1/memory>
that was shipped long before C++11.

However, including it unconditionally breaks the build if any other STL
implementation (such as libc++) is used instead.

We now check if std::shared_ptr is present in the <memory> header and then
try std::tr1::shared_ptr as a fallback.


  CMakeLists.txt a442972cf27305a4048f9fd4133f496392e87d60 
  config.h.cmake 032f8c101a192dd6769944c0f4978ef673557cae 
  core/ControlPool.h 4cb2222f46e9ed855bfbe028fe1c124f683d8f8a 
  core/MasterControl.h dff9e95d719508a8966d1d9c994948851d5bd2c8 
  core/mixdevice.h f5ca7829b78709569ea7749aea8d781870cec409 



Together with <> building KMix with clang and libc++ finally succeeds.


Raphael Kubo da Costa

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